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The District of Jarocin’s cultural life is intense, varied, and interesting. We dare to say that everyone can find here something that would suit him or her perfectly. For many years, Jarocin was a capital city for Polish rock music. Rock music feast would attract thousands of fans.

It isn’t the full musical offer though.

For the aficionados of accordion, we’ve got the International Festival of Solo Players and Accordion Bands, celebrated in Kotlin. There’s no other like this one in the entire country. Also, the District of Jarocin has rich singer traditions, fostered today by our choirs: K.T. Barwicki Choir, “Arion” from Kotlin, “Lutnia” from Żerków.

Folk art plays an extremely important role in the cultural life of the district. Folk music bands represent our region not only in other parts of Poland, but also during international events. Moreover, the traditional cloths of our land, called snutki and frywolitki, are European famous.

We do welcome the fans of literature to Śmiełów – to attend “Spotkania Śmiełowskie” [Śmiełów meetings] and “Bliskie spotkania z…” [Close encounters with…]. These events host the most prominent representatives of Polish culture. Theatre fans will have the opportunity to entertain themselves with theatre workshops and festivals.

Moreover, each municipality in the district hosts a number of cultural events, festivals and fairs, to entertain its citizens.

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