Electronic Registry Inbox

We would like to kindly inform that the Starostwo for the District of Jarocin has established an Electronic Registry Office, featuring an Electronic Registry Inbox, i.e. “a publicly available mean of electronic communication, to serve the purpose of submitting electronic data to State entities via publicly available IT network”; in accordance with the Regulation from the Prime Minister of 14 September 2011 on drawing up and delivery of documents in electronic formats, and the disclosure of forms, samples and document copies in electronic formats (Polish Journal of Laws, issue no. 206, item 1216).

In order to submit a document in electronic format, you need to fill in a form available on our website and sign it with secure electronic signature, generated with a qualified certificate issued by any Polish issuer.

Once such document is submitted, you shall receive an Official Confirmation of Receipt.

The following forms are currently available:

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