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The District of Jarocin is an administrative authority for the upper-secondary schools: Jarocin’s High School Complex; Upper Secondary School Complex no. 1; Upper Secondary School Complex no. 2; Tarce’s Nature Sciences and Business School Complex. Vulnerable kids and adolescents of the District can attend the Special School Complex in Jarocin. Moreover, the District has at its citizens’ disposal the Psychology and Pedagogy Counselling Service in Jarocin, as well as the Family and Child Relief Centre in Góra, as well as the Youth Care Centre in Cerekwica.

The following higher education facilities are located here: Wielkopolska Humanities and Economics School; Research and Learning Facility of the Kalisz Pedagogy and Arts’ Department of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. Since 2002, a branch of Helena Radlińska’s Librarian, Information and Documentation Centre in Warsaw is present in Jarocin. Also, a First-Degree State School of Music facilitates musically talented kids and adolescents the development of their passion.

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Starostwo Powiatowe w Jarocinie

63-200 Jarocin
Al. Niepodległości 10-12

tel. 62 747-15-96
fax. 62 747-33-37
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